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Fancier (Non-Breeder) Membership Application

This is an: Individual Membership________ or Individual & Spouse Membership__________
City:_____________________ State:_____ Zip:_________
Phone:______________ Email Address:___________________________________

Ragdoll Breed Club requires one Ragdoll breeder as a reference to support any Fancier member wishing to join the club. This reference may be the breeder from whom you purchased your Ragdoll or a breeder you have met elsewhere. He/she does not have to be a current Breeder member of RBC.

Reference Name______________________________
Reference’s Cattery Name ______________________
City, State___________________________________
Email Address _______________________________
Phone Number _______________________________

Please answer the following questions (estimate numbers if necessary). The information you provide will only be used to track membership statistics and plan club activities. It will be held in confidence and only used in the aggregate. No individual information will be identified.

1. Have you registered individual Ragdoll(s) with CFA? ____Yes ____No
1a. If yes, approximately how many individual cats have you registered with CFA?
____1-10 ____11-20 ____21-30 ____31+

2. Do you show your Ragdoll(s) in CFA? ____Yes ____No
2a. If yes, approximately how many CFA shows have you entered in the last 2 years?
____1-5 ____6-10 ____11-15 ____16+
2b. If no, why not? (Check all that apply)
____My cats aren’t registered in CFA
____No CFA shows within reasonable distance
____I show mitteds and colorpoints which aren’t showable to Championship in CFA
____Unfamiliar with CFA show rules and scoring
____I’ve heard that CFA doesn’t welcome newcomers
____My friends show in other associations
____Other (please explain)

3. Do you show your Ragdoll(s) in other associations? ____Yes ____No
4a. If yes, which one(s)? (Please check all that apply)
____TICA ____ACFA ____CCA ____Other
4b. If yes, approximately how many shows (other than CFA) have you entered in the last 2 years?
____1-5 ____ 6-10 ____11-15 ____16+

4. Within which CFA Region are you located? (If you aren’t sure, refer to www.cfa.org/regions.html)
____North Atlantic (1)
____Northwest (2)
____Gulf Shores (3)
____Great Lakes (4)
____Southwest (5)
____Midwest (6)
____Southern (7)
____Japan (8)
____CFA International Division

5. Would you like for RBC to pair you up with a mentor (in addition to your reference noted above if he/she is serving in a mentor capacity)? ____Yes ____No


Ragdoll Breed Club (RBC) membership will be renewable annually on the Membership Date

____Individual Membership $30 or ____Individual & Spouse Membership $40


**If paying by check/money order, please make it payable to Ragdoll Breed Club (RBC)**

Mail Completed Form with Dues Payment to:
Laura Wilson
RBC Treasurer
2309 Bristol
Bryan, TX 77802-2406

(Please keep a copy of your application.)

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